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Top 10 Things to get you and your money (back) on track in 2022

Top 10 Things to get you and your money (back) on track in 2022

February 17, 2022

2020 for many was a year of getting 'off track'.  #ThankYouCOVID

Then came 2021, many of us excitedly greeted the New Year with enthusiasm and were anxious to get back 'on track'.  

But, what I've heard from many of you (and experienced myself), was that 2021 in many ways was a continued year of disruption, and with that....became another challenging year for life, work, health and finances.  

Now we are firmly in 2022, things feel like maybe...maybe...we are finally shifting to a place where lifes distruptions may subside, and we can move towards that desire to get back 'on track' with renewed focus.  

If you have been wondering what you need to do to get your finances back on track in 2022, here's my tips on where to start:  

Top 10 Things to get you and your money (back) on track in 2022


1.       Re-evaluate monthly spending.  Costs are up, you’re monthly spending likely is too.  Knowing what’s coming in, and going out, is the first step to accomplishing those goals that are so important to you.  The dial may have moved on you after everything that’s happened these past two years, its time to move it back. 

2.       Money time.  The key to getting your money life in order, and keeping it there is simple: Consistency.  I highly recommend scheduling time every week to dedicate it to doing money things.  Accomplishing anything on this list can be done by doing this one thing in addition to paying bills, cancelling unneeded subscriptions, and reviewing things like insurance coverage

3.       Update or start your binder.  You know, THAT binder.  Call it what you will but life is significantly easier on your loved ones when something happens to you if they can actually locate the professionals you work with, or know how to access your money or file a claim on your insurance.  If you need ideas on what to include click here.  

4.       Protect your personal data online.  Its seems every time I turn around, I hear more stories about ways someone’s data has been attempted, or actually compromised.  Click here for one resource that gives steps you can use to minimize your risks

5.       Go to the doc.  Preventative wellness, and catching things early can go a long way to potentially reducing the cost of healthcare….but you all know that!

6.       Review your home and auto insurance with an insurance broker.  This is especially crucial if you’ve not done this in the last couple of years.  One of the heartbreaking stories coming out now about those affected by the Marshall Fire up in Boulder County is that many were underinsured…and had no idea. 

7.       Portfolio Re-check.  If your life has changed its time to review your portfolio.  2022 sounds like it may be a year with heightened volatility as well.  Both are reasons to take an extra look at how your investments are laid out to make sure it remains right for you.  If you’d like to get together to do that, click here to reach out and schedule a time to connect.   

8.       Eat That frog.  Does procrastination keep you from getting your money “ducks in a row”?  A book that was transformational for me a few years ago.  It’s a quick read, or a 2.5 hour listen on Audible if that’s what works best for you! 

9.       Shop early to save $$.  Whether its gifts for others, or things you need around the home, inflation and supply chain disruptions are likely to continue well into 2022.  By shopping early, you can keep an eye on sales, and most importantly avoid that last minute rush where overspend tends to occur.

10.   And last but not least, have you been feeling the itch to do something with more meaning?  You’re in good company.  On January 4th, Fortune Magazine reported that The Great Resignation (i.e. the amount of workers voluntarily leaving their current professions) has continued to rage on. Is 2022 the year you make a change too?  If you’re trying to figure out how you too can live and work in a life with more purpose here are a couple write-ups that can help you take that next step.  Choosing to Use Money as a Tool for Your Life’s Purpose and Going Self Employed, a Checklist for Success Or are thinking of becoming self employed, here is a checklist for success.

 And as always, if you have questions as you embark on this journey, don't hesitate to reach out.