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Our Mission

At LOTUS Financial Partners, we are committed to helping our clients live more secure, free and meaningful lives through Advice-Based Financial Planning. Advice-Based Financial Planning is the revolutionary financial planning process created by our Founding Partner, Lucila Williams. Advice-Based Financial Planning is a comprehensive financial planning relationship that is not contingent upon the purchase of any product and supports the full implementation of the plan. Simply put, we offer financial advice first and investment and insurance products only as needed.

Our Process

Following our unique 6-step planning process, we help you clarify what is most important to you, empower you with a personal financial plan and partner with you over time to support you along the way. 

It starts with Discovery - In this complimentary meeting we’ll help you uncover your fears, explore your values and goals, and document your financial resources. We then provide our perspective on next steps to improve your financial life. 

If we decide that it makes sense to work together, we’ll navigate the following process:

●      Clarification—We’ll dive deeper, continuing to explore your needs and gather the additional information and documentation required to build your initial Plan Projection.

●      Projection—In this interactive session, we’ll walk you through your personalized financial plan and together, we’ll further refine it based on your input and desires.

●      Asset Alignment—Next, we work with you to align all of your investment accounts with your investment risk tolerance and timelines. As needed, we will make portfolio recommendations to streamline and consolidate your accounts.

●      Plan Protection—During this meeting, we make recommendations to protect you from the various risks facing your financial plan. At this point, we may make recommendations for additional insurance coverage in various areas needed to protect you plan.

●      Community Engagement—Advice-Based Financial Planning is not a one-time engagement, but a process that changes and evolves with you. During this meeting, we will summarize your progress and lay out a plan to keep you on track over time. We will also introduce you to our community and ways you can stay engaged.

Our Gift to You

Money is among the biggest stressors in modern life and relationships. After decades of working with clients, we know that a little advice and perspective can go a long way in alleviating that stress.

The vast majority of our new clients come from introductions from our client community.  We made a commitment as a firm to meet with every single person sent our way.  

Our Discovery EXPERIENCE was created by our founder Lucila to ensure that every person we meet with walks away with more confidence and understanding about what they can do to improve their financial lives.

In the Discovery EXPERIENCE we help you uncover your fears, explore your values and goals and document your financial resources.  We then give our perspective on your next steps to improve your financial life.

If it makes sense for us to officially work together, we will share the complete details on what it looks like for you.  If not, we will still share our notes with you in writing, so that you can get started on your own!

The Discovery EXPERIENCE is our gift to you and our community.

Send us a message if you would like to book a Discovery EXPERIENCE with one of our advisors.

Thank you!