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Years of working with women in our practice revealed pattern: Women often dedicate their energy to others: family, children, career, and other responsibilities. We have a tendency to look up one day and realize that we have lost the connection we once had with girlfriends, and it's much harder to make those connections later in life.

Many of our female clients have gone through life transitions of one type or another. They may have lost a spouse, moved to a new city, been divorced, changed jobs or become an empty nester. That transition has required them to rebuild, often without the support network they once had.

We founded the Creating Connection Community as a way for us to create a safe space for women of all ages and walks of life to come together. Think of this as a Ladies-Only Date Night. You have the opportunity to get dressed, put on some lipstick and meet some girlfriends out on the town to check out a new restaurant in Denver.

Creating Connections events are offered at no cost. They are generally held in the evening on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  Each event is hosted by a local small businesswoman who organizes the event and provides free appetizers for the group. Creating Connections is a social group, not a business networking event. We want to keep the focus on personal engagement and making friends.

We ask that you RSVP so that we can plan ahead, but guest are welcome! Remember, Ladies Only! 


Send us a message if you would like to join us at our next Creating Connections event!

Thank you!