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Choosing to Use Money as a Tool for Your Life’s Purpose

April 13, 2018

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, or discouraged with the mechanics and the demands placed on your life by money?

Over the years working with my clients, I've found that when we start thinking of money as just MONEY, it's not uncommon to find ourselves being saddled with a lack of desire to address it, or make future plans for it. And the lack of a plan for our money, can then lead to feelings of financial uncertainty bleeding into MORE feelings of being stuck, fearful and ultimately overwhelmed.

But money doesn't have to be JUST money.

It can also be a tool to living a life that is meaningful. A life that embraces your inner purpose.

When used correctly, money can be a way to align what you do EVERY DAY with what's important to your core being.

Maybe that sounds a bit hokey or too new age for some of you, but many women, (I've found especially) are much more interested in tending to their money when they have some kind of meaning behind it. When it's looked at differently than a score on a score board and instead becomes a tool to move toward inner joy.

Inner joy brought on by tending to the family we love, career we love, the community we love, or doing the travel that helps us find and be who we are.

In fact, we find this so important that here at LOTUS, in our FIRST conversation with someone, we dedicate time to finding out what their personal values are.

So, the next time you brush aside a need to sit down and address your financials or have a money conversation, start with a values exercise to identify what your core values are. When you can align your money and what you need to do with your money with your passion and purpose through those core values, I think you'll be surprised at how much easier it is to tend to.

If you need them, see here for some values exercises you can consider:

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