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Colleen McGee

Colleen McGee

Practice Manager

I have been Lucila's Relationship Manager since before she founded LOTUS Financial Partners. I am proud of how far we have come since 2007 when she made me share my windowless office with the summer intern to having a beautiful space in our own building. 

I spend the majority of my time helping Lucila with her 100 or so client families. I am a nurturer at heart and really enjoy making sure everyone is well taken care of within our LOTUS Community. I am involved with almost everything client facing: fielding client calls, scheduling, meeting preparation, document creation and processing and much more. As the team has grown, I have also taken on the role of Practice Manager in charge of staff training, coordinating team meetings and client events.

I am passionate about the work we do because I've seen firsthand the positive impact we make working with families to create the life they envision. Lucila has also created a forward-thinking work environment that is inspiring and impactful. I have always known that I was in for the long haul and wanted to be involved with anything she does.

You should call me if you…

  • Want an appointment with Lucila.
  • Have a quick question about an account.
  • Need to organize a meeting with the whole LOTUS Team.
  • Don't know who to thank for the chocolates you received with your paperwork.