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You are a Bada** at Making Money: Where Financial Goal Setting Meets ‘The Secret’

You are a Bada** at Making Money: Where Financial Goal Setting Meets ‘The Secret’

December 17, 2021

will admit, when I finally sat down several years ago to watch “The Secret” it was hard for me to run with. While there was a lot I could get behind (visualization, give to receive, and that thoughts were powerful energy), the “ask/believe/receive” part of it was not something that aligned with the faith beliefs of my upbringing. And honestly, I had seen it not deliver as often as I had seen it actually deliver. 

And then came this book.

The best way I can describe this book is financial goal setting on steroids meets The Secret. I LOVED this book.  The way she walks through the process similar to The Secret’s “ask/believe/receive” made so much more sense, and included much more personal responsibility, focus AND action.  In this book, the author also addresses several key things I have helped clients with over the years (women and men!) and some that I have personally grappled with.  Things like:

  • Linking self-worth to net-worth
  • Being stuck in Busyness
  • Beliefs affecting progress.  (It is important to identify the beliefs that may be holding you back from the success you are looking for)
  • That the mind hears what you tell it, good or bad.
  • That we are creatures driven by emotion.
  • And the realization that abundance is all around us if we don't focus on the lack.   (Biggie for me!)

If I try to sit here and tell you all of the great points she hits on in this book,  I would basically be rewriting it, so I'll let you discover it for yourself,  but I'll leave you with this:

If you're ready to put comfort zones aside paint and feel the picture of the financial reality you want to see and work hard. This book is for you. It's not just a read and move on kind of book.  I highly recommend getting active with it.  Create your own book group for the discussion and accountability partnership that will be so key to maintaining the passion and progress through life's ups and downs. 

“Success is not about your circumstance it's about who you're being.”

                                                                                                       Jen Sincero