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We’ve Moved….Again, and THANK YOU!

We’ve Moved….Again, and THANK YOU!

June 01, 2021

We’ve Moved….Again, and THANK YOU!

This past year in business quickly reminds me of those times I’ve walked into a local store in the throws of remodeling that posts a sign that says something like “Open during construction” or “please excuse our work in progress”. 

Since March of 2020 we at LOTUS, we have experienced a tectonic shift in the way and the place in which we do business. 

Moving to a fully remote/Zoom operation (which came at the same time we were growing and adding to staff!) was hard enough. That was soon followed by some onerous operational requirements by our then Broker/Dealer, a transition to a new building 2 months ago, and most recently, this past month, we “moved” again! 

I’m so excited to announce that we’ve changed our Broker/Dealer relationship from Lincoln Financial Securities to Cambridge Investment Research.  This has been a significant undertaking for our entire team but in the end, has opened us up to doing business in a way that will be easier for you, and brings us into the newer more modern digital age. 

Those of you that have been around for a while know that we are always on the look out for ways we can serve our clients better, so while this last BIG change has been the hardest, we are very excited and confident that it will allow us to provide more ease of doing business for the years to come!  My three biggest positives are:

  • We will now be able to open most accounts with a significantly easier digital, Docu-sign process.  No more print/sign/scan!
  • We will have access to a secure file vault for sharing documents, challenges with password protected files and emailing back and forth will be a thing of the past!
  • And for financial planning services, if you’ve been wanting to get started with planning but writing a fat check made it difficult to do, we now have the ability to break up planning fees into MONTHLY billing.  Yep, now you can pay for planning help the exact way you pay for EVERY. THING. ELSE.

I’m still in awe that all of this has been done as the team has continued to do this work from our remote home office locations.  That too is another exciting change on the horizon…transitioning back to the possibility of seeing YOU in person.  This will begin in the next few weeks as we all become fully vaccinated

What a year! 

~ Wendi