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It’s Not Just the Plan, It’s Also the Conversation

It’s Not Just the Plan, It’s Also the Conversation

November 01, 2021

Many people come to me ready to roll-up their sleeves, work on cash flow, learn about investments and ultimately make sure they aren’t missing the unknown. 

And then they end up talking.  And listening. 

In fact, some of the feedback I get most from clients is that the process we’ve embarked on together has got them opening up more to the important people around them. 

  • Spouses learn about how the other actually envisions retirement, or becomes aware of their deepest financial fears. 
  • Adult children begin to reach out to aging parents to help them navigate their own situation and future.
  • And parents begin to open-up to children about topics previously unaddressed.  (Estate planning anyone!?!)

Getting clear on our goals and intentions is a huge step but through it all, the conversations we begin to have with others on this journey can actually end up being the most important part

One of my favorite stories in fact is of one client and a friend of hers on a ‘girls’ night out’.  My client mentioned the restaurant bill, our work together helping her get on track with her expenses, and the improving sense of security she was feeling as we were doing so.  THAT conversation got her friend quickly thinking that she too wanted to stop living in fear of her financials and start working on the same thing.  And she did it! 

By opening-up about your own path, fears, challenges and questions, you can actually help someone change their own trajectory, or improve their own relationships.

When we talk we think,

we learn,

and often-times we can even become inspired!

Money may feel like it’s still a taboo for discussion.  But it doesn’t need to be.  In fact by remaining silent about our money we can actually see higher instances of divorce, financial fraud and exploitation, and on a much smaller scale make overall less informed financial decisions. 

So next time you consider having a financial conversation and hold back.  Please don’t. 

Ask people you trust what they’ve experienced. 

Tell them what you’ve experienced. 

….And encourage them to do the same.  


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