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Cheers to positive change in 2021, thanks (in part) to the lessons of 2020!

Cheers to positive change in 2021, thanks (in part) to the lessons of 2020!

December 22, 2020

Cheers to positive change in 2021, thanks (in part) to the lessons of 2020!

One year ago today, there were so many things about our lives that seem so foreign now. So many things we’d like to do and can’t wait to do again….and probably a handful of things we now know, are not as important as we thought they once were.

My big take-away in 2020 is that “There’s no time like the present”. There are many things that in past years, we had ‘planned’ to do. And maybe we got around to it, maybe we didn’t. Things like buying toilet paper. Who knew?

What I’ve learn this year is NOT to put things off. I put off going to the doctor, then couldn’t. I put off buying A/V lighting, then couldn’t. Over and over this year I heard from those around me that found they had done the same. Some people had created some pretty significant challenges this year by not listening to that little voice in their head that said to do this; or nagged to do that. By now we’ve seen that time and the availability of so many things is more precious than we previously thought.

We now know, that there’s no time like the present to:

  1. Start (and build!) that emergency fund. We literally do not know when the world, and our income could change.
  2. Get that insurance in place that you’ve been meaning to do. Your health could change next month and forever affect your ability to do so.
  3. Get your wills and powers of attorney completed (or updated!) so someone can handle your affairs if, and when they need to.
  4. Call it a ‘freedom fund’ or a ‘retirement fund’ either way, work hard to build those savings. In years like 2020 you may need to pause (or even pull from) those contributions; but having that savings fund in place can create a priceless cushion in times of unexpected income loss.
  5. Stay current with your doc, you never know when you may be able to get in again!
  6. Spend time with the people you love. #nuffsaid
  7. And last but not least: Always, always have an ample supply of toilet paper, sanitizing wipes and Purell on hand - you never know when you may need it!


How will you live your post COVID-19 life differently? I’d love to hear from you!