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Travel Insurance: What it is and when you may need it


For this blog post, I consulted Deb Clark with Premiere Travel Planners.


As a travel consultant, I am always eager to help my clients get the very best travel experience they can, without wasting their money. We aim for their “perfect” trip within their budget and I work to educate them in how to save and when not to cut corners.


Inevitably travel insurance comes up in our conversations. I have become a big fan of it because I’ve seen the results of an unexpectedly cancelled trip. The money lost is just one part. Being “stuck” in a an emergency medical situation in a foreign country without options is another.


I don’t personally travel internationally without travel insurance because the unexpected can and does occur. Having said that, travel insurance isn’t always right for every trip. Let’s go over what travel insurance is, what it does and doesn’t cover and why you should seriously consider it for your next overseas adventure.

What is travel insurance?

Standard Travel Insurance is insurance that is intended to cover trip cancellation costs, medical expenses, lost luggage and other losses that may occur during your travel.


Here are some of the questions I ask my clients that may help you determine what is right for you.


Can you afford to lose all of the money you paid for the trip?  

Most airline tickets are immediately non-refundable after you purchase them.  The land portion of your trip will become non- refundable at a certain point as well. Most cruises become non-refundable 90 days prior to departure.


Does your own health insurance cover you for international healthcare emergencies?   

Many don’t cover international medical costs so you would have to pay out of pocket for any medical emergency. And, if your insurance does cover you internationally, you’ll probably have to pay at the time of service and get reimbursed by your insurance company after your return home. Can you cover that while you wait?


Money lost

If you had to interrupt your trip and return home early due to a health emergency of yourself or an immediate family member, can you afford to pay for that out of pocket?   Airline change fees and fare differences can add up quickly.


Other Options

Beyond standard travel insurance, “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage is another option available at an additional cost.  Sometimes having this flexibility is worth the extra expense.  For example, if you are a business owner, you might need the flexibility to cancel your trip for business reasons which would not be covered under a regular travel insurance policy.


Every trip and traveller is unique. There is no one best answer. These are all situations I help my clients weigh so they can make the best decision for themselves.   




For more information, please feel free to contact Deb Clark at  or "Custom groups and internation vacation planning are our specialty! Our concierge-like service will take care of the smallest detail. Save time AND money by letting us expertly plan your international dream vacation." 








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