Have you ever really thought about it? 

Every day, we are surrounded by loved ones, friends and family that we know, someday will experience a health event, and even death.  Call me morbid, or dreary but as a professional planner, I call it thinking ahead. 

My mother didn’t expect to die at 38. 

I certainly didn’t expect to loose her when I was 17.  But that happens sometimes. 

If those that are closest to you, experience a situation where they were no longer living or able to speak for themselves, would you know what to do or were to go? 

Would your family know what to do if it were you? 

Likelihood is, they probably wouldn’t.  The good news is, there’s help and for many of us, there’s time to get things in place so you (or they) WOULD know what to do when that day comes. 

Whether you are 23 or 85, this is something that I PASSIONATELY ask you to do, it’s not for you ~ its for your loved ones.  Here’s an article that I wrote a couple of years ago for the Denver Post that lays out some of the steps you can take, and some of the things to collect so that on that ill-fated day that someone gets a phone call….they (or you) can focus more on the love and emotions that are so important at that time and focus less on the worst scavenger hunt ever.  

LINK DP: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/planning-retirement-take-break-survivors-sake-wendi-strom-cfp-/