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Self Care: That Means Your Future You Too





I recently finished reading Being Mortal, an amazing book by Dr. Atul Gawande about aging, medicine and what truly matters as we near end of life.  Whether you can grab a printed book or listen to a hard copy version, I highly recommend everyone investing time in this topic.  It was fascinating to hear about the progression of aging and healthcare but what I valued the most was the learning about how most of us face the final stage of our life cycle by “trying not to think about it” and how by addressing it head on and discussing it with those around us, we can find more fulfillment, peace and ease of decision making. 


Long term care is hard to talk about because it not only addresses our mortality, it addresses something most of us don’t actually even want to pay for.  It’s true, it IS easier to spend money on the things we want to spend our money on now, than to set it aside for down the road when we’re not even sure we’ll be around.  But I will quote Suze Orman here ~ “your future you DESERVES it”.   Your future you deserves not only to be cared for financially but your future you deserves to have the outcomes that Dr. Guwande mentions in his book that are a result of careful planning and conversations had with loved ones around us. 


In our office, we do focus more on how to cover the costs of senior living and long term care expenses, but even with those conversations, the questions start around things like: “What has been your experience been as a caregiver?” “How would you like to be cared for?” and “What role do you think your family and friends will play in your care?”

Long term care planning is more than a conversation about money, it’s a conversation about what matters to you and intersecting it with that financial planning.  The holidays can admittedly be a stressful time as it is, but I encourage you to consider, if you’re together with those that need to be be part of this conversation, start it.  You don’t need to finish the conversation today, but open the door.  You’ll be surprised at how much easier it will get once you do. 




Here are some resources that can help as you forge ahead on a long term care planning path, for you or a loved one: 


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No Risky Chances - The conversation that matters most.

By Atul Gawande


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