In the last decade or more, we’ve come a long way to understanding the importance and fatigue of being the person providing care for an ill or aging loved one.

As mentioned in the blog below by Western Care Partners, being a caregiver takes it’s toll on a person in four basic areas: financial, social, psychological and physical.  In fact, she mentions that often times the stress is so high for caregivers that they are twice as likely to experience chronic conditions than those who are not in that position.

And so, in honor of National Family Caregiver Awareness Month, I wanted to share a list of resources  and ideas for the caregivers among us. 

Please take a moment to pass this on, or offer to help someone who may be


  1. Caring For Someone Else:
  2. Navigating Respite Care in Colorado:
    1. These organizations will share local respite options:
      --  Eldercare Locator (a national hotline for aging resources all over the US): 1-800-677-1116
      --  Colorado Respite Coalition: 303-233-1666
      --  Aging & Disability Resources for the Denver metro area: 303-480-6700


  1. Visit for more information about family caregivers
  2. If you’re on Facebook, build your community by joining caregiver forums.  Some forums are more general (Caregiver Support Group) and others are more specific (Dementia through Daughters Eyes).