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Finding Your Inner Strength









For this blog post, I asked Life Transition Strategist Pam Foley to give us some steps that will help us find our true calling and passion in life.


Finding your inner strength can be much easier than many people think. In fact, when I speak to groups of women about this topic, I often hear stories about how people in the audience have lost themselves as a result of taking care of others and/or living their lives the way that other people wanted them to for years. Now, they have come to a place in life where they are ready to step into their truest and best selves and are unsure how to make that happen. I assure them (and you) that it can take a few small steps to get started!


What are the steps to begin finding your inner strength, true passion and making changes to your life? They are breathe, silence, listen, take note and take action.



The first step to finding your inner strength is to take time to breathe. For most women, this sounds like an easy task (afterall, we all breathe all day, everyday) but once they begin to practice it, they find it challenging. And they notice how shallowly we breathe in times of stress or anxiety. To get started, settle yourself either standing or seated. Then begin to fully inhale, expanding your lungs and belly. To exhale, reverse this and completely empty your lungs. Repeat three times to gain focus, clarity, creativity and intelligence. Repeat at least once daily for best results.



Once you have fed your body and mind with much needed oxygen, the next step in finding your true strength and passion is silence. Most people think of this as meditation, but it can be as little as just taking a few minutes to let everything go. It needn’t be a long break – starting with two-minutes at a time is great. Making a goal of 10-minutes a day is even better! This allows you to silence the negative voice in your head (I call that voice your drunk monkey) and hear what your sub-conscious is trying to tell you. In fact, studies have shown that this type of practice can be effective after just a few sessions! Easy!



Listening is hard for people. Whether it is listening to yourself, to your spouse or to a work colleague. But, taking the time to really listen to the positive ideas and thoughts that you are creating can help to identify your true passion. When a negative thought comes, thank it and allow it to float away. The free-flow of thoughts will begin to reveal patterns in your life and work. Ones that you may never noticed before during your alert and waking hours.


Take Note

Journaling is the most common way for people to record their thoughts, feelings, noticings or other ideas. Others, though, find it useful to sketch their thoughts or create poems or other art. The way that record our thoughts is personal to all of us. It doesn’t have to be time consuming. Just enough to allow yourself to feel and see the patterns of your thoughts and ideas. These are directly pointing to what you want you to hear and feel, and maybe to how you can earn a living in the future!


Take Action

Lastly, when finding your inner passion and strength, you must take action. Without action, your ideas remain stalled and it is difficult to move forward. This is the time that you analyze what you have learned from the other steps, apply a reality test check to determine how and when you can make your dreams come true and take the first steps.


 Finding your inner passion and strength can change your life! Once you make the discovery and take action to make it happen, you may find that you have a new career, a new business, a new weight, a new look or more!


Pam is a late bloomer who loves helping people see that there is nothing wrong – in fact it is great, to make changes that feed your mind, soul and bank account! Over her adult life, she has changed careers, built businesses and made life transitions! 


Pam Foley

The Latebloomer’s Guide

Life Transition Strategist 



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